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你们好!我是中国人,在俄罗斯生活工作。我的中国朋友都非常希望有只漂亮的高加索狗,所以让我在俄罗斯给帮忙找到。我希望能得到你们的帮助,更希望在这里找到更多的俄罗斯朋友!十分感谢,祝愿你们一切顺利身体健康!!我的电子信箱是:xiaopingtou868@163.com icq:485-063-261 Паша — Это сообщение написал, но не подписался участник (обсуждение • вклад) .

Автоматический перевод с китайского на английский: «Hello! I am a Chinese, lives the work in Russia. My Chinese friends all extremely hoped has only the attractive Caucasus dog, therefore lets me find in Russia to the help. I hoped can obtain your help, hoped found the more Russian friends in here! Extremely thank, wishes your all smooth health! ! My email is» --ajvol 12:18, 6 ноября 2006 (UTC)
帕沙:你好!你来到俄语维基百科让我们很高兴!但是很可惜,恐怕在这里的大部分人无法帮你找高加索狗,因为这里并不是一个随便的论坛,大家在这里的主要目的是创造网上百科全书。如果你在莫斯科的话,莫斯科有很多专门的养狗俱乐部,我觉得不会特别难找,可是关于动物的俄罗斯出境和中国入境手续确实会很麻烦。祝你在俄罗斯过得愉快!--Shakura 22:04, 18 ноября 2006 (UTC)

Wikimania 2007 Team Bulletin

Published by the Wikimania 2007 Taipei Team, Wikimania 2007 Team Bulletin provides the latest news of the Team's organizing work to everyone who is interested in Wikimania; it also gives the Team chances to announce calls for help/participation, so assistance in human and other resources can be sought in a wider range. Team Bulletin is published at the official website of Wikimania 2007 and released to the public domain. Issue 1 and Issue 2 has already published.-- 02:09, 29 октября 2006 (UTC)

Thanks for the news!--Shakura 22:10, 18 ноября 2006 (UTC)

I want to ask anybody

you know this strange language:"орывпаобывпми аомиыкаопну цнпа орпвма тырвпа ыовмап " — Это сообщение написал, но не подписался участник (обсуждение • вклад) .

Just random pressed keys. MaxSem 18:02, 4 октября 2006 (UTC)
Or ru-sib? :-))) --Obersachse 18:16, 4 октября 2006 (UTC)
Not simple random, most of this key is placed on russian keyboard near. --Morpheios Melas 06:37, 5 октября 2006 (UTC)


Sorry, but it is not the picture of Bastet, it is the picture of goddes Sehmet with the head of lioness....-- 22:11, 16 сентября 2006 (UTC)It is in Egyptian museum

Could you please specify, what article you are talking about?--Shakura 22:07, 18 ноября 2006 (UTC)

Strange request from a journalist

I’ve had the oddest request from the media so far… This journalist is looking for «attractive» wikipedians from the Russian Wikipedia and from African languages to interview/photograph for a story.

I’m going through a chain of people trying to find someone able to help me, and EugeneZelenko suggested I bring this up here. I’d appreciate any help the ru.wp community can provide! — Amgine / m 16:14, 13 сентября 2006 (UTC)

Hi! I am this journalist with «the strange request!» I do understand your problems with my request (it doesn’t sound serious.) But, this request is for a very nice and serious book project; an illustrated book for the Bertelsmann Verlag in high quality and wide circulation. And, sorry, it seems difficult to find interesting AND good looking people — but for this illustrated book it’s necessary to find such persons. I just have a few questions about your wikipedian engagement (this book chapter is about the people, who create WP every day). So, if there is anybody, who would like to help me: please give me a short message on this site. Thank you very much! B.M.

P.S. There a less women in my gallery: So it would be very nice to get response from women. Thanks again! B.M.


Bocianski asks (Bocianski 07:06, 9 августа 2006 (UTC)):

  • On Polish wiki we have some good facilitation. On the place for describe what we changed, we have buttons with symbols: for ex.: lit., ort., stub, cat., etc (see some article in Pl-wiki and edit). Why you haven't got it, when they will be?
  • Why you haven't got "welcome template" for foreign users in other language?
  • What do you think about some custom on Polish wiki - when some article is puting into articles for deletions (without speedy deletions), we must write about it to its autor. Do you think that it's good idea for Russian wiki?
1) yes, good idea. I will propose it. 2) unfortunately, we have a few foreign users. 3) yes, it is good custom and recomendaton. Dziękuję. --ajvol 18:30, 2 сентября 2006 (UTC)

film "Sluga"

I'd like to know who is the composer in the movie" Sluga"? I heard the chorus when they are flying in the sky. It's not Dashkevich, but who? Hoffman? Bach?


IMDb told, that is was Vladimir Dashkevich. --A.I. 05:01, 9 августа 2006 (UTC)

Chan Konchak

I NEED YOU HELP. I WROTE HABILITACION WORK ABOUT "Opera KNIAZ IGOR Aleksandra Borodina, CHAN KONCHAK" . I need you help. Id like hear everythink about CHAN KONCHAK. WRITE ME: converse01@wp.pl

Unfree images on Commons

Hello. I'm UED77 from the Wikimedia Commons and there are some unfree images about the Ukrainian elections uploaded there (e.g. party logos, campaign posters...), and used in articles such as Выборы в Мариуполе, Парламентские выборы на Украине (2006), and Региональные выборы на Украине (2006) If the Russian Wikipedia allows fair use, then please upload them here locally, as they are soon to be deleted from the Commons. Спасибо! —UED77 03:38, 4 апреля 2006 (UTC)

Does "symbols and signs of enterprises, institutions and organizations" in section (d) of commons:Template:PD-UA-exempt not apply in these cases? --PlatypeanArchcow 18:24, 4 апреля 2006 (UTC)
The logos in question are privately by the party responsible for them, and they are probably copyrighted as well. It is against Commons policy to host files that do not provide free use and modification. The problem is mainly with the second one. That is why logos are not allowed in the Commons. However, they are very useful for the articles in question, so please upload them here if you can before they get deleted (I'm not the only one who can delete them). Thanks. —UED77 19:11, 4 апреля 2006 (UTC)

Article about Alexei Maresjew

Hello, could you tell me the link to the article about Alexei Maresjew? And if possible links to good sites in English and/or German about him? Thanks! :-) --Grandy02 15:43, 19 мая 2006 (UTC)

Маресьев, Алексей Петрович, en:Alexei Petrovich Maresiev. MaxiMaxiMax 16:08, 19 мая 2006 (UTC)
Much thanks to you, that's what I searched! :-) --Grandy0214:57, 25 июня 2006 (UTC)

Wikimania notice

Could someone put this translated notice about Wikimania 2006 up on the sitenotice here (and on other ru: projects)? Thank you! Sj 12:21, 22 июня 2006 (UTC)


Перенесено из главной страницы форума

Is this the community portal? Well, you guys have images that don't belong here. Look at you List of Simpson-episodes. And remove the copyrighted images. Now. 10:33, 29 июля 2006 (UTC)

Well, these images are low-resolution TV screenshots and they are classified as Fair use objects. See en:Fair use // vh16 (обс.) 07:43, 2 августа 2006 (UTC)

Second Battle of Kiev

The Second Battle of Kiev english article has a list of books of which a few are from Russia:

  • A.N. Grylev: Dnepr, Karpaty, Krym - Nauka, Moscow 1970
  • Lt Gen David Dragunsky: A Soldier's Memoirs - Progress, Moscow 1963
  • P N Pospelov et al: Great patriotic War of the Soviet Union - Progress, Moscow 1970
  • Gen S M Shtemenko: The Soviet General Staff at War - Progress, Moscow 1970

Could you try to find those and update the article, please ? Thank you en:User:Comte0 14:57, 30 июля 2006 (UTC)

Need your help on Open Clipart

Open Clipart Library need help for translating few pages of explanation. Wikipedia use SVG cliparts from Open Clipart because it's totally free (like flags). Could you help us on the wiki of Open Clipart in your language ? Thank you. I'm registrered in french wikipedia as patricia.fidi.

100 000

Gratulacje :)) pl:Wikipedysta:Przykuta

Dziękuję :) --SergV 02:01, 22 августа 2006 (UTC)
Ídem para mí. Congratulation for the 100,000. We posted this new at the Spanish Wikipedia.
Palach de la Vila 20:06, 18 августа 2006 (UTC)
Dankon! :) --ajvol 20:17, 18 августа 2006 (UTC)
Gefeliciteerd :-) Londenp from Dutch wikipedia
Dank U voor Uw felicitatie :-) Kneiphof 21:56, 21 августа 2006 (UTC)
I ya, I ya, I ya togo zhe mneniya. 19:14, 22 августа 2006 (UTC)
Spasibo ;-) --Obersachse 07:10, 14 октября 2006 (UTC)

Adding a content using WiktionaryZ

Please, add names of the countries in Russian (in both numbers and all cases) into the page http://wiktionaryz.org/Countries/rus. It will be used in the future for the semi-automatic handling of Infobox Country templates (of course, if your community decide to do so). If you want to participate in the project (not only for translation of the country names), please look the project meta:Mass content adding. --millosh (обсуждение (sr:)) 04:16, 27 августа 2006 (UTC)

Хвала! --ajvol 07:05, 29 августа 2006 (UTC)

EO: Peto pri korektigo de tradukita artikolo

Mi tradukis la artikolon Церковь Пресвятой Троицы (Фульнек) en la rusan, sed na scias la lingvon bone, tial petas iun denaskan parolanton, ke sxli tralegu kaj korektu la tekston, anstatauxu alilingvajn terminojn per vere rusaj ktp. --PAD 19:21, 27 августа 2006 (UTC)

Dankegon. Mi kontrolos kaj korektos, se estos eraroj. --ajvol 06:56, 29 августа 2006 (UTC)


On english Wikipedia, there is a Signpost report on other wikipedias. I can't see Russian wiki among participants. Don't you want to write a report of your wikipedia? Here is the list of Language reports. Please someone have a look! Thanks. NCurse

Question on Russian geography

Hello, I am looking for a village or town in North Caucasus which is supposed to be named Chemen (ancient name Bazorkino). I found a place in Azerbaidjan but according to my reference, it is supposed to be in Russia. I was wondering if you knew such a place in Russia (I am suspecting my reference to have translated directly USSR form earlier documents into Russia). Thanks in advance. 11:54, 11 ноября 2006 (UTC)

There is a village called Chermen (село Чермен) in en:Prigorodny District, Republic of North Ossetia-Alania. It turns out that it is an Ingush village and until 1944 used to belong to Ingushetia (together with the District) and was called Bazorkino (Базоркино) then. The transfer of the territory is the source of the present-day tensions between the Ingush and Ossetians. --Neko 16:16, 11 ноября 2006 (UTC)
Thanks. 22:19, 11 ноября 2006 (UTC)
It was interesting prohonour, and whether there is at whom a material sufficient for clause. language Rus=Интересно было прочесть , а есть ли у кого материал достаточный для статьи. K268ººººvip 20:58, 11 ноября 2006 (UTC)
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